About Us

Ever Prosperous established in 1981, dedicated with the goal of higher quality on designing and manufacturing physical therapy and rehabilitation medical products, has also gradually introduced the related advance products from worldwide countries. Upon the strict requirements for the manufacturing process of production and the concept of providing high quality and services to customers, the company has successively obtained the GMP, FDA (USA), and ISO 13485, MDD certificates. 

Business Outline: After decades of business in physical therapy and rehabilitation medical products fields, the company has gradually extended the related business fields into; biomechanical, special needs and aids (sensory solutions, special educations), the elderly cares…etc.  

Marketing Scope: Domestic sales are mainly dealt by regional dealers. The company's commitment with humanize cooperate culture to customers has been identified by dealers under long-term cooperation. In terms of export, we have cooperated with several well-known international manufacturers and sold to North America, EU countries, the Middle East, Asia and so on.

Sustainability: The birth of Ever Prosperous is dedicated to being a responsible and considerate corporation in its corporate values; encompasses with "technology", "innovation", "humanistic care". And, the humanize corporate culture of the company is stably dealing with customers/dealers in long term, has also been affirmed by customers/dealers.