Multisensory Rooms & Spaces

Multisensory Rooms & Spaces

Multisensory Rooms
Multisensory Room empowers the user by providing the tools to control the colours, sounds, aromas and images in their environment. Sensory Integration Rooms and Sensory Gyms provide safe and enriching environments where users of all ages are empowered to enjoy a variety of activities that fully engage their senses, either passively or actively.

Apporpriate Users
The initial development aims to provide leisure and entertainment experiences for children with severe learning and sensory disabilities. So far more widely used in emotional distress, self-injury behavior, mental retardation, autism, demented elderly and patients with terminal cancer or chronic physical pain, etc .; suitable for child development centers, children's homes, nursing units, Rizhao center, special education school, tranquility care, maternity center, child dentist, psychotherapy place.

Whether used independently or facilitated by a therapist, sensory rooms can be used to calm and relax, or stimulate exploration, learning and development, to help individuals with sensory processing disorder, cognitive and learning disabilities to process the world around them.

Experience & Service
Over fifteen years experience decorated more than 50 sensory rooms with lots of product resources.  We also provide customized product development, project planning, consulting, enviromental assemssment, space planning, quality assurance with final report, free annual inspection, data update, and training.